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Energy Resourcing Australia provides high-quality recruitment, contractor management and payroll services for employers and candidates in the mining, oil and gas, energy and renewables industries.

We strive to achieve the highest level of customer service with honesty and integrity throughout all our operations and business practices, all working towards delivering a more sustainable future for our customers.

Our company is committed to championing diversity, equality and inclusion, with an organisational culture where everyone is valued, respected, and supported, and where everyone has the opportunity to participate and reach their full career potential.

Frequently asked questions about recruiting in Brisbane

Energy Resourcing specialises in a wide range of industries, including chemicals, construction, power, technology, energy and more.

The job market in Brisbane can be very competitive. Skilled candidates in fields like mining and construction are in high demand, but for those in other industries finding the right role can be a challenge. Our recruiters understand the complexities of the Brisbane hiring landscape and provide job seekers with personalised support to help them find the opportunity that’s an ideal match for their skills and career goals.

Energy Resourcing specialises in sectors that are key drivers of Brisbane’s economy, including technology, mining, and construction. Our in-depth knowledge of these industries, as well as the unique challenges and opportunities of Brisbane’s job market, gives us an edge over other recruitment agencies operating in the city. Companies in Brisbane that partner with Energy Resourcing also get access to our extensive network of candidates, not just in Australia but across international markets, allowing us to bring them the best talent for their roles.

At Energy Resourcing, we work closely with our clients to understand their recruitment needs before sourcing the perfect candidates for their jobs in Brisbane. Our recruiters leverage their local connections and extensive network to headhunt the talent you seek. We also have access to an international talent pool of pre-screened candidates, and use our online jobs board to find the best candidates for your open roles. Our rigorous screening process ensures that only the top candidates are put forward for your consideration.

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