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Senior Procurement Contract Specialist – Copenhagen

  • Copenhagen, DK
  • May 26, 2023
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Our client are the PMC for the development of a major green ammonia production facility in Europe to design and construction the project as part of a sustainable future.

They seek to recruit a Senior Contracts & Procurement Specialist based in Copenhagen to be part of this fantastic green energy transitional project. The PMC will oversee the EPC contractors design scopes and travel to the EPC offices in Europe will be required to oversee the project designs.

Preparation to Execute Contract:

Understand contractual terms & conditions, process, scope of work, compensation schedule, project milestones/critical path and contract administration requirement.

Placement of all relevant contract management and administration procedures.

Define and assemble procurement and logistics deliverables.

Ensure placement of contractor's monitoring tools for planning, adequately resourced with qualified procurement & contracting manning in executing contracts.

Work with project managers, and others to ensure that goals are met and to facilitate Company decisions and communicate relevant notices within designated timeframes.

Ensure compliance with document review and approval protocols and implement as per Company Authority matrix prior to making commitments.

Keep track on project progress and timeliness in delivery.

Contracts Management & Administration and Performance Monitoring:

Assume the head role in day-to-day management, administration, compliance with the terms and conditions and achieve functional Contract interface.

Systematically and efficiently manage contract execution and analysis for the purpose of maximizing financial and operational performance and minimizing risk.

Support contract execution and administration which include:

Identify contract's Key performance parameter for contract.

Coordinate monitoring of contract's performance meeting; including engagement in contract / contractor performance monitoring meetings, consequence management related to suppliers' performance, regular report on supplier performance.

Assemble contracts performance securities and insurances prior to commencement of physical works; being current and legal.

Manage administration of post award matters; monitor utilization of contract value, changes, amendment and contract claims, contract extension or renewal, monitor close-out process of open PO process (on paper and on ERP system).

Document on any deviations, changes or amendments that may arise during Contract implementation to facilitate handling of any potential claims

General administration associated with Contract.

Contractor Management and Performance:

Undertake contractor management and ensure delivery of all contractual obligations with risks identified and performance managed.

Ensure contractors' subcontracting arrangement are supported by written subcontracts and shall only appoint a subcontractor who has the necessary competencies and resources to perform the work falling within the scope of the subcontract safely.

Ensures that related internal functions are aware of the contractual requirement.

Oversee and track work commitment against Contract price and Project budget.

Regimented variation management; review variation request and assist with processing variations including the formalization of variations; and provide administrative support to the Project Manager and produce report on variations.

Review contractor payment against work progress claims and project milestones.

Respond to inquiries, resolve problems concerning Contract and manage resolution of dispute.

Formalize/Issue Company notices of acceptance/rejection that may result in extension of time & additional costs, circumstances or breaches of Contract and other related follow up matters with the contractor till completion of Project.

Ensure timely performance of all activities associated with contractual close-out

Ensure that all required internal and external reports related to SCM activities are submitted on time.

Procurement Governance, Compliance and Controls:

Implement approved SCM Policies & Procedures and ensure that the work carried out in controlled manner.

Ensure standards of ethics, fairness in procurement activities are maintained, seek to uphold and enhance the integrity of the procurement process as well as maintain strict confidentiality of documents pertaining to procurement.

Cost Management Initiatives:

Continuous improvement in the areas of procurement and supply chain management for a substantial impact on overall profitability.

HSSE Commitment:

Shall comply with all Company HSSE Policy, Standard and Procedures.

Demonstrate HSSE commitment in any activities starting from an initial plan until the completions, becoming role model, and actively participate in any Company HSSE initiatives to satisfy Company HSSE KPI/target.

Responsible for promoting works safely and environmentally manners.

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