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Energy Resourcing is an engineering & personnel service provider active on four continents in the oil, gas, energy, renewable energies, chemical, petrochemical, refining, and construction sectors. We recruit technical specialists and managers for demanding national and international projects of our technologically leading customers.

Our client is a leading provider of innovative plastics solutions using advanced technologies with world-class production facilities for Ethylene, Polyethylene, Propylene, and Polypropylene. The project is due to commence the EPC phase of the expansion of the petrochemical and cracker complex – our client is acting as the PMC for the project and is looking to recruit European nationals or individuals with a valid type D work visa or EU Blue Card to work residentially in Milan or Rome.

To be considered for this vacancy you will need to have a background in a PMC or have worked on the client side of large downstream petrochemical plants and be prepared to work in Italy for a period of up to 2 years in duration.

Some Principle Accountabilities:

  • Champion the Project Safety culture, behaviors, and engagement activities.
  • Complies with Company policies and objectives, Contracts, and Procurement work processes.
  • Identifying, evaluating, and resolving Contracting issues during the EPC / FEED phase of the Contract.
  • Review of EPC/FEED Contract Baseline.
  • Review of EPC/FEED Contract requirements.
  • Review and comment on the division of responsibilities.
  • Review of Key EPC/FEED Contract management documents.
  • Review of EPC/FEED Contract management procedures.
  • At the start of the EPC/FEED Contract arrange a kick-off meeting to instruct the EPC/FEED Contractor on the procedures for EPC/FEED Contract Administration (preparation of accounting, evaluation of changes, notices, interim and final payment certificates, etc.).
  • Ensure compliance with insurance requirements set out in the EPC/FEED Contract.
  • Monitors any potential incidents of loss/damage likely to lead to an insurance claim. Subsequently, correlates and reviews supporting documentation for any insurance claims resulting from accidental loss/damage to material/equipment, either upon receipt of goods or during the construction period.
  • Ensure EPC/FEED Contractor provides and maintains the correct Performance/Bank Guarantees.
  • Determine any additional administrative procedural requirements.
  • Balancing Owner relationship and EPC/FEED Contract management requirements.
  • Soliciting legal advice, when required.
  • Review of the Project records management system.
  • Checking and evaluating EPC/FEED Contract Changes; Project Variance Notices, Requests for Change, Change Orders, Amendments, etc.
  • Ensure comprehensive implementation of the EPC/FEED Contract Close-out procedures; Final Account, EPC/FEED Contract Closure Certificates, etc.
  • Ensuring EPC/FEED Contractor complies with warranty requirements.
  • Ensuring the EPC/FEED Contract is properly managed and administered.
  • Administering the EPC/FEED Contract so as to ensure the terms and conditions stated therein are fulfilled.
  • Managing Change by controlling the EPC/FEED Contract: scope, cost, schedule, and quality of the Project through scope changes and Contract change documents e.g. Change Orders, Variations, Amendments, etc.
  • Managing Project risks minimizes the Owner’s exposure to financial and legal liabilities.
  • Reviewing EPC/FEED Contractor reports for areas of concern and potential claims, delays, etc.
  • Attends weekly EPC/FEED Contract Administration meetings.
  • Prepare and issue, on a monthly basis, the Subcontract Administration Monthly report of each Subcontract (SAMR).
  • Prepares and issues to the Owner, the EPC/FEED Contract Administration Monthly Report.
  • Reviewing and checking the adequacy of the Project records management system and ensuring the Owners and PMC team, together with the EPC/FEED Contractor use it to furnish a written record of the chronology of the Project execution.
  • In conjunction with PMC Project Manager, reviews, evaluates, and prepares recommendations to Owner regarding EPC/FEED Contractor; claims for delay, back charges, prolongation, disruption, etc.
  • Managing the Project consistent with Owner and PMC policies and legal guidelines concerning good business practice for contract management.
  • Ensures documents of commercial sensitivity are secured at the end of each working day and the “CLEAN DESK” policy is observed at the close of business each day.
  • Performing Construction Site Contract Administration for the EPC/FEED Contract as follows:
    • Set-up electronic files
    • Manages change management; prepares; site instructions, change notices, change orders, processes
      quotations and proposals
    • Manages correspondence to/from EPC/FEED Contractor
    • Manages correspondence to/from Owner
    • Processes monthly Payment Certificates and Invoices
    • Maintains registers for; correspondence, management of change, etc.
    • Manages completion process
    • MonitorsEPC / FEEDContract Close-out

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