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Whether you work in nuclear energy, solar power, wind turbines, or another power industry niche, our global network can connect you to the talent and support you need. Our team has extensive experience recruiting for Tier 1 & Tier 2 contractors, and fully understands the strict safety and security regulations involved in these industries. 

We focus on recruiting for: new build combined heat & power plants; gas-fired, nuclear, and multi-fuel power stations; plant modification and upgrades; new builds of offshore wind power, tidal, wave, and solar energy projects; and decommissioning projects. Our experienced engineers and managers have the skills and expertise for all stages of power industry work, from the initial concept through commissioning and handover.

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There is a shortage of skilled professionals with the engineering expertise, technical knowledge, and project management capability required for new plant construction projects. The complex regulatory requirements and tight timelines these projects operate under can make recruiting the right candidates even more challenging. With our network of experienced power professionals, we connect clients with the in-demand talent their projects need, when they need them, even in a competitive job market.

Power station managers need more than just strong leadership abilities and effective communication skills. They also require technical knowledge of turbines, generators, and the other technology that drives power generation, as well as an in-depth understanding of safety protocols, risk management, and the regulatory requirements for their operation. Our recruiters understand the complexity of these roles and can quickly identify the right professional to oversee your power station’s operations and ensure peak performance.

Recruitment for nuclear power plants requires a strategic approach. An in-depth understanding of reactor design, nuclear physics, and radiation are a must-have. While the highly-technical nature of these roles demands strong attention to detail and strict adherence to safety protocols. Finding professionals with these skills, as well as the collaboration, communication, and problem-solving capabilities they need to work in an effective team, isn’t easy. That’s why nuclear power operators across the country trust our recruitment teams with their talent needs.

The renewable energy industry has grown quickly in recent years, creating a discrepancy between the skills companies need on their teams and the talent available in the job market. Competition with other industries that require similar skills compounds this challenge. Our recruiters understand the unique needs of these roles and know, not just how to find the right candidates, but also what they look for in a job and how to attract them to your team.

As a cleaner-burning fuel, liquified natural gas is increasingly relied upon as a source of energy. Even so, the global LNG industry is comparatively small, and most professionals who have experience in this sector are already employed in high-level positions. We employ innovative recruitment strategies to find highly-skilled, safety-focused professionals in this limited talent pool.

Hiring for offshore projects presents unique challenges. Not many professionals have technical skills and experience in offshore construction, installation, maintenance, and operatios, and even fewer are willing to live and work in the remote locations where you’ll find many offshore power stations. Our targeted recruitment process is adapted to the unique needs of your role to quickly deliver the skilled candidates you need.

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