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Master Vendor Management & Sub-Vendor Management

The recruitment and management of large numbers of personnel who are engaged on a contract hire basis often falls outside the core business objectives of a number of our Clients. Energy Resourcing provides Recruitment Process Outsourcing support to implement and manage structures delivering the engagement of a contingent workforce under two main categories:

Master Vendor Management

As Master Vendor, Energy Resourcing works with Client HR or contracts/procurement teams to manage all aspects of recruitment, on-boarding, assignment management, re-deployment, off-boarding and KPI reporting for all personnel supply requirements covering the provision of contract hire staff and permanent staff recruitment services.

The service can be applicable to projects and operational business units. It offers substantial cost savings for Clients in contract management and administration support compared to in-house options. It also provides access to international payroll expertise and a reliable supply chain of specialist recruitment providers to meet the overall needs to our Clients business.

Outlined to the right is a diagram outlining the traditional engagement model for a master service provision.


Sub Vendor Management

Energy Resourcing is experienced in working with Clients who wish to retain ownership of the recruitment process but do not wish to directly contract with a large number of separate recruitment service providers.

In this scenario Energy Resourcing contracts with selected third-party vendors on behalf of our Clients. The Client benefits from cost and efficiency savings in contract administration whilst maintaining consistency in how it manages its recruitment vendors and processes for on-boarding and a large contractor workforce.

A typical engagement model for this service is provided to the right.