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Managed Services

We work with procurement teams to manage the contract assignment process from start to finish. Our onboarding process includes managing contractor payroll and overseeing all the administrative details that come along with expanding your workforce. This may include activities like medical testing, arranging work permits, and contract preparation through to offboarding and assignment close-out.

Payroll services for contractors and international workers can be complicated. Our international payroll expertise gives clients peace of mind that their contractors’ employee pay is being managed in compliance with all global and local laws and regulations.

By reducing administrative expenses (and the risk of future fines or penalties), payroll services can offer substantial cost-saving benefits over in-house payroll management.

Our certified professionals have managed complex onboarding, contract management, and offboarding. We have a proven track record of delivering highly capable staff as well as international payroll expertise and administrative support to meet the overall needs of your project.

All of these services can be provided as part of these solutions:

Managed Services Provision (MSP)

We’ll manage your contract workforce, sourcing and screening candidates and taking care of all administration and payroll processes to ensure compliance and provide you with an adaptable workforce that evolves with changing market conditions.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

We provide a customisable, integrated recruitment program to help you find the talent you need when you don’t have the internal resources to support a project or you need to increase your recruitment capacity. This keeps your operations ahead of your competitors and sustains business growth. Proactive talent mapping means that we find people who fit your culture in a timely manner.

Global Agility Solutions

We navigate and simplify the complex legal landscape that comes with mobilising a global workforce and treat each case with the individuality it needs. We ensure adherence to regional tax implications and compliantly host your operations in any desired location.

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