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Employee Leasing

When hiring for permanent positions, you don’t only want a candidate with the skills to fill the role, but also a team member whose values and work style are aligned with your company’s identity. We consult with our clients to fully understand the skills, attributes, and behaviours required for the role, ensuring excellent permanent placements.

Whether you’re a growing small business or a large corporation expanding into a new area, our extensive global network gives us access to technical talent that will be a long-term fit for your needs. Our candidates have at least five or more years of industry experience, as well as skills that are in demand now and for the future.

Our employee leasing process

01Finding the right talent

Following our tried and true process, Energy Resourcing goes to market to find the best candidates to assist with the work our clients have coming up. Once we find these candidates they are brought on as employees of Energy Resourcing and leased out to our clients to help with their projects.

02Day-to-day work

All workers remain employees of Energy Resourcing and are paid by Energy Resourcing for their hours worked, yet are subject to receive work instructions from the clients they are leased to. This work is governed by special rules and regulations and is only permitted to agencies that have been issued the respective licence, which we have in all regions this service is offered.

03End of work period with client

Once our clients have finished their project and no longer require the assistance of our leased employees, they will be onboarded and returned to the care of Energy Resourcing.

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