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Candidate Support

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Why work with Energy Resourcing

Energy Resourcing is a technical recruitment specialist with over 20 years’ experience in placing engineering and technical contractors on some of the world’s most exciting energy projects, from traditional oil & gas to renewable energy solutions.

Our recruiters have a tight focus on the energy sector, meaning that they truly know their markets and are expertly positioned to help you advance your career. We build relationships with our candidates, giving you a single point of contact that is with you through your job search. We continue to support our candidates during their assignments, helping them overcome any logistical challenges so they can focus on their work. The financial backing of our large parent company means our contractors are always paid on time – no waiting for payments from the clients to process your invoices.

We are proud to support our contractors across the world. Our goal is to help you find a job that supports your career goals, now and in the future.

Candidate support services

We are proud to be fully IR35 compliant, with all contracts and work scopes outlined under IR35.

This legislation distinguishes genuine self-employed contractors with work scopes outlining the deliverables that are expected from the Personal Services Company (PSC). The PSC will also have a contract in place with the agent that details the working arrangement between the PSC and agency, which is IR35 compliant.

We work closely with our contractors and clients to manage travel plans for mobilisations, demobilisations, reassignments, or rotational schedules in compliance with our client’s travel policies. This reduces the administrative burden on our client, allowing them to focus on key business objectives, and helps you transition smoothly to a new location, stress-free.

Where required, evaluations to determine fitness levels are administered on-site, offshore, or in overseas locations. Complying with client-specific policies, we arrange and manage services of recognised clinics and physicians. This includes exam scheduling and the payment of providers on behalf of the client and their candidates.

In the event of accidents and medical emergencies, we have robust policies in place with key service companies. These policies provide our candidates with immediate treatment and relocation to medical centres or, if necessary, their home base.

We work closely with insurance companies and experienced international service providers to maintain evacuation systems for both emergency and medical evacuation cases.

We have specific systems and processes in place to ensure that our contractors are safe, including having access to the latest global risk alerts. This allows us to improve client and candidate safety and minimise unnecessary risks.

Our comprehensive immigration services oversee and manage all immigration requirements when deploying contractors overseas, keeping the process as efficient and stress-free as possible.We manage the entire process for pre-mobilisation preparations, including organising notarized documents, legalisations, letters of invitation, foreign Visas and work permits.

We can provide both short and long-term accommodation for contractors, where required by our clients. This includes hotels, serviced apartments or private rental contracts.

We have access to short- and long-term car rental arrangements in many locations, and assist candidates with their transportation requirements.

Above all else, our main priority is the safety and welfare of our candidates, anywhere in the world. We aim to give our candidates and their families peace of mind with comprehensive support throughout their assignments. This includes not only specialist medical assistance, but a wide range of other routine health and well-being support services.

Our locations

As a leading global recruiting firm, we operate in many countries around the world. Click on the list below to find an office near you.

Our global industries

Our team of energy recruitment experts is equipped to work with companies in the oil & gas, power, renewable energy, chemicals, mining, construction, and emerging tech industries, bringing an understanding of ESG metrics and sustainability to help them grow into the future.

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