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We are proud to be fully IR35 compliant, with all contracts and work scopes outlined under IR35.

IR35 is the common name given to the Intermediaries Legislation from April 2000. This is HMRC’s “test” for self-employment for tax purposes only when a contractor is working through their Personal Services Company (PSC). This legislation is to distinguish the genuine self-employed contractors.

Work scopes outline the deliverables that are expected from the PSC. The PSC will also have a contract in place with the agent that details the working arrangement between the PSC and agency, which is IR35 compliant.

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Relocating for a new role is stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. Whether you are travelling domestically or internationally, as part of our candidate support, we will help create and implement an efficient, effective travel plan.

All travel plans for mobilisations, demobilisations, reassignments, or rotational schedules are created in compliance with client travel policies. This reduces the administrative burden on our client, allowing them to focus on key business objectives, and helps you – the candidate – transition smoothly to a new location, stress-free.

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Medical examinations

Evaluations to determine fitness levels are important, and may be required on-site, offshore, or in overseas locations. Complying with client-specific policies, we arrange and manage services of recognised clinics and physicians. This includes exam scheduling and the payment of providers on behalf of the client and their candidates.


Inoculations are mandatory in parts of the world where workers may be exposed to certain diseases like malaria or yellow fever. We work with occupational health providers to provide appropriate advice and materials, ensuring the health of all candidates.


In the event of accidents and medical emergencies, we have robust policies in place with key service companies. These policies provide our candidates with immediate treatment and relocation to medical centres or, if necessary, their home base.

Medical & Emergency Repatriation Service

We work closely with insurance companies and experienced international service providers to maintain evacuation systems for both emergency and medical evacuation cases.



International assignments expose candidates to increased threats and risks from terrorism, civil unrest, transport safety and acts of God. Energy Resourcing has specific systems and processes in place to manage this exposure, including having access to the latest global risk alerts. This allows us to improve client and candidate safety and minimise unnecessary risks.



International immigration is complex, and laws and regulations change constantly. Many of our clients have projects around the world, and often require contractors to be assigned and mobilised at short notice.

Our comprehensive immigration services oversee and manage all immigration requirements when deploying candidates overseas, keeping the process as efficient and stress-free as possible.

We manage the entire process for pre-mobilisation preparations, including organising notarized documents, legalisations, letters of invitation, foreign Visas and work permits. We will work with you and local embassies to process Visa and work permit applications and relay all information to you and our client.



Aside from the stress of international travel, settling in a new location is difficult without some treasures from home. Working within our client policies, we assist candidates with air and sea freight shipments around the world, including necessary insurances.

We manage relationships with freight-forwarding service providers to such a degree that our candidates must only ensure that they have included all the goods to be shipped on the inventory. We also arrange payment to the freight forwarder and final invoicing to our client.

Accomodation, Transport & Schooling

Accommodation, Transport & Schooling

We can provide both short and long-term accommodation for candidates, where required by our clients. This includes hotels, serviced apartments or private rental contracts.

We have access to short- and long-term car rental arrangements in many locations, and flexibly assist clients with pool car needs and individual candidate with their own family requirements.

To further support all candidates and clients, we can also locate and advise on local and international schooling facilities, as well as provide a range of meet-and-greet / location familiarisation services for families.

Payroll and Tax

Payroll & Tax Administration

We pride ourselves on our payroll systems because we understand that efficient payroll transactions are one of the most important services that we offer our candidates. We prioritize the accurate and timely collection, remittance and certification of local income and social security obligations on behalf of clients and candidates.

We also recognise that our clients benefit from a workforce that is able to concentrate on their assignments – confident that there is a capable team fulfilling the financial requirements of their contracts, with accurate and timely international payrolls and compliant tax systems.

Our financial team is comprised of knowledgeable experts for the various tax and social security requirements in the countries where we operate. With a wealth of information and resources, they move rapidly when opportunities arise for clients in a new location.



Above all else, our main priority is the safety and welfare of our candidates, anywhere in the world. We aim to give our candidates and their families peace of mind with comprehensive support throughout their assignments.

This includes not only specialist medical assistance, but a wide range of other routine health and well-being support services.