Are you experiencing difficulties finding great talent? It might be time to up your recruitment game. You may be saying to yourself, “easier said then done,” but there are a number of areas in your recruiting process where you can evaluate and make small, significant changes. A couple of small tweaks may make all the difference.

To help we have put together some recruiting tips that are guaranteed to up your recruiting game during the recruitment process.

Get serious about social media

Social media is a great tool for recruitment and sourcing. Having an active corporate social media account helps your company come up more frequently in search results. And it’s important to note that job seekers will click on your social media accounts just as often as your company’s website. This means your social media pages need to have fully completed profiles, as well as posts that reflect your company culture.

Think about that prospective candidate landing on your social media pages even before looking at your website. Are you presenting your company to them the way you want to? Can they access all the information they may need about you? If you answered No to either of these questions, its time up your recruitment game and make-over your social media accounts.

Companies now have the ability to post jobs through their corporate social media pages. More than ever, prospective employees are finding jobs through social network. The process of applying has become faster, with most portals guiding applications directly to an internal system. Gone are the days of searching the newspaper before calling or faxing your details in.

Tap into your referral network

It’s important to hire the right people, and great people know great people. So why not use this to your advantage and incentivise employees to recommend people they know and respect? Once the referred candidate has been on the job for set number of days – usually the length of their probationary period – you can reward the employee with a set incentive.

By having a good ongoing referral bonus system in place, you are continuously building a talent pipeline that also allows for effective succession planning. Experiment with different incentive plans to see what works best for your company and ramps up your recruitment game.

Use multiple recruiting methods

Stop relying on one recruiting method to bring you all the candidates you are looking for. Take walk-ins, use job boards, engage in online searches, sign on a recruitment agency, and post jobs on your website, as well as social media. Stop thinking about the recruiting process as one-size-fits-all. Start diversifying your talent acquisition strategy immediately; it might open your company to great candidates you have been missing out on.

Get aggressive

The war for great talent is on. If you want to hire the best, you need to be aggressive and get creative in your recruiting efforts. Now, this doesn’t mean cold-calling your candidates 15 times in a row. It does mean posting your jobs as soon as they open up, getting back to qualified candidates within a day of their application, attending career fairs that your talent attends, and constantly making good connections.

Even better, host an event that will entice your target candidates to come visit your company. This is a great way to show your potential employees what the company culture and business is really like. Creating a great in-person experience will drive your recruitment game to the next level.

Target passive candidates

There is a large source of talent that often goes untapped; people in positions who aren’t yet considering a career change. However, just because they aren’t actively looking doesn’t mean they aren’t open to change.

Targeting them with a tempting new possibility with great benefits may be all it takes to get their attention. Your recruitment agency can help you target “passive” candidates in an effective manner that elevates your recruitment game.

Keep your job postings focused and updated

Take some time to rewrite job descriptions before you advertise them – don’t just recycle old job ads. You need to make sure that it is appealing, and accurate. Be concise, make it thoughtful and descriptive; don’t simply list every task that the person may ever perform.

Ensure you use language that entices applicants and builds excitement around the role and your workplace culture. A detailed job description should help reduce the number of irrelevant resumes you receive through confetti job application.

Get an expert’s help and up your recruitment game

It has never been easier to save time, source qualified candidates, and fill your open roles faster than with the help of Energy Resourcing’s recruitment services. We partner with our clients and together we review the requirements of their roles to determine core skills and qualifications that are needed. We have experienced recruiters, and a strong reputation within the industries we hire for.

If you are looking to quickly fill open roles with qualified candidates connect with one of us today! Let’s work together to up your recruitment game.

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