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Services your Recruitment Agency Provides


Your job is meeting your company’s operational goals, and keeping that amazing team of employees around to help you. Among other things. Our job is finding those amazing people.

Energy Resourcing does that in several different ways, through a variety of recruitment services. Knowing about the recruitment services an agency like ours provides, will help you work with us to better fulfil your recruitment needs as they occur.

Why be selective when it comes to recruitment services?

When you partner with a recruitment agency, you are asking us to represent you to potentially hundreds of qualified candidates. You need someone that you can rely on; a company who will provide you with the level of service that you deserve, who will represent you and your brand with integrity, and who will strive to fully understand your business.

Our recruitment services not only deliver our clients the highly capable staff and contract workers they are looking for, but also assist with the planning and preparation required to ensure that candidates success in their new environment – your offices.

Why would I need to hire a Temporary employee?

When you are looking for someone to assist you on a project or fill in for a short duration of time, then temporary placements are the way to go. This allows you to add the extra head count you need without making the permanent commitment of adding extra staff you may not need down the line.

We, here at Energy Resourcing, work extensively with clients who wish to engage with a flexible workforce to supplement their own resources and/or manage workload peaks during a project cycle. These senior-level candidates are paid per hour, and generally have a pre-defined period that they will be with your company. Since we take care of all the payroll details associated with these candidates while they are working with you, no additional burden is placed on your payroll team.

Why would I use a recruitment agency to find a permanent employee?

A permanent placement is when a recruitment agency introduces you to a candidate that you would like to hire on directly. Many companies have in-house recruiters that do the direct hire sourcing.  However, there are occasions where working with a recruitment agency like Energy Resourcing might be a more effective and efficient use of your time.

These days, you might find yourself inundated with confetti applications where for every position, you’ve received hundreds of resumes.  When you have lots of open roles, it can be difficult to go through all of those resumes while sourcing for those senior and difficult-to fill positions.

Recruitment companies like Energy Resourcing can take care of attracting, interviewing, and shortlisting candidates for those niche roles our clients are trying to fill. We schedule interviews with the skilled candidates that you are looking for, and, once you select the person you would like to bring on permanently, we ensure that all parties are comfortable with the end result.  We continue to check in long after the first day, to make sure that it is truly a perfect match.

To ensure excellent placements, Energy Resourcing consults with our clients in order to fully understand their requirements, and then we work together to determine and shape the skills, qualifications, attributes and behaviours for the role. We believe that it is through partnership, good communication, and collaboration that great placements are made.

When would I need to enlist Payroll services?

Payrolling services are used when a company finds great candidates that they want add to their team, but not to their payroll. These services can offer substantial cost savings for clients in contract management and administration support compared to their in-house options. It also provides access to our international payroll expertise.

As an agency, we step in to shoulder the administrative burden of tracking time and attendance, as well as making sure candidates gets paid for the great work they do for you. These services can apply to independent contractors as well as hourly temporary staff. We structure our payrolling services to match your needs, whatever they may be.

Can Energy Resourcing help with Human Resources?

Not every company has a full HR team at their disposal.  This is another area where we can step in with our expertise and assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We can provide support to your HR team when they are short staffed, or just need to ramp up hiring for a major project. We are here to pivot to our clients needs.

Work with us today!

We will work consultatively with our clients to scope out the roles and responsibilities of their requirements and determine the core skills, qualifications, attributes and behaviours that are required. We manage recruitment advertising campaigns and undertake retained search projects where requested. We have experienced recruitment consultants and a strong positive reputation within the industry sectors in which we operate.

If you are looking to fill open roles with qualified candidates that are a good fit and will be long term assets in your company connect with one of us today! Let’s work together to make your company the success it should be.

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