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Meet the team: Stuart Grantham


Name: Stuart Grantham

Title: Recruitment Manager – Major Projects & Strategic Initiatives

Region: London, United Kingdom

Time with company: Since June 2015

What do you do at Energy Resourcing?

Having been at Energy Resourcing for almost 7 years my role has changed several times and has involved being an Operations Manager, Business Development Manager and a Recruitment Manager overseeing our UK recruitment initiatives.  In recent months my role has changed again whereby my focus is supporting major project initiatives in Europe while still supporting the UK arm of the business.

Are you working on any specific projects at the moment?

I am involved in a multi $bn petrochemical design and construction project

How did you get into your current career?

I’m a degree qualified Mechanical Engineer but I found that I preferred working with people rather than machines!  My brother spotted a job advert for a Recruitment Consultant and it looked like an interesting career option, so I went for an interview and got the job.  After 23 years in the recruitment industry, I’m still finding it an interesting challenge!

What’s the best part of your job?

The satisfaction of connecting great people to great businesses is still very rewarding.  While the recruitment industry doesn’t always have a good reputation what we are doing is very positive in supporting people in their search for work, developing their careers and aspirations and providing them with a job to support their families.

The rewards are sometimes just a heartfelt ‘thank you’ from the candidates we place who are able to provide security for their family – what better motivation to get out of bed in the morning!

What challenges have you had to overcome to get to where you are today?

Recruitment is a constant learning curve – new projects, new people, new technologies and to find a company like Energy Resourcing with the teams we have who work so hard together

Any words of wisdom you live by?

Positive things happen to positive people. Business in general, and certainly the recruitment industry is not always plain sailing.  You have got to take the rough with the smooth – enjoy the good times but don’t get disheartened when things don’t go to plan. Tomorrow’s a new day!

What keeps you at Energy Resourcing?

The variety of my jobs and work within Energy Resourcing and the great people that work for the company.  Finding a recruitment company whose core values mirror my own and global teams that are so well connected and work so well with one another is hugely important.

What do you like to do outside of work? 

Spending time with my family and children is my priority.  When I have my own time, I enjoy sports, playing the guitar, cooking and DIY.  A recent DIY project I have constructed have been to build my daughters bunk bed and a clever closet under the stairs – trying to utilise my engineering past!

If you hadn’t got into your current career… what would you have become?

Being a footballer was my first passion and I got pretty close to the big time, but that dream was crushed sadly. However, looking back I probably wouldn’t have done an engineering degree but instead perhaps something to do with finance and accountancy

What was the last book you read

Dave Grohl – The Storyteller

The last film you watched?

My children are at an age where we have been able to introduce them to some old classics, so we have just completed the Star Wars trilogy.  They loved them!

The last music you listened to? 

After a recent and long-awaited University reunion we listened to music from our University days (1995-1998) to relive old memories so plenty of Oasis and The Stone Roses

Are you looking for a job in the EPC design phase of a major petrochemical project in Italy?

Stuart Grantham is currently looking for EU candidates who would be happy to work in Rome and Milan on a 2 year assignment with a background in the design phase of petrochemical/refinery projects.

Specialties include: Contracts Engineer, Mechanical Engineer (rotating equipment), HSE Manager

Reach out to Stuart Grantham today for further information or an informal chat to see if we can help you!

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