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Meet the team: JC Cornell


Name: JC Cornell 

Title: Global Marketing & Communications Manager

Region: Global role supporting our Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States offices

Time with company: Since September 2015


What do you do at Energy Resourcing?

I am the Global Marketing & Communications Manager for the entire group and based out of our Calgary office.

Marketing for the recruitment industry brings its own unique challenges and I love being able to help our teams find the talented contractors we work with, and the amazing clients we place them with.

Are you working on any specific projects at the moment?

We just completed a huge rebranding project. Our Energy Resourcing brand identity was over 15 years old, and in need to a revamp to accurately show who we are today. Showcasing our capabilities to support our candidates and clients in the energy industry as they look towards a cleaner, greener future. All while still paying homage to our roots. You can read more about our brand journey in this article.

This year we are working on developing more targeted content for each of our regions that will be relevant to both our clients and contractors in them. It is a great opportunity for me to learn more about our global offices, the teams working in them, and the people we support there.

How did you get into your current career?

Unlike a lot of people who found their way into a Marketing career, I studied Advertising in college and worked at a global advertising agency for 4 years. After that I had amazing opportunities to live and work in the UK, Canada, and Japan in a wide range of industries. I worked in several roles from Corporate Sales to Executive Assistant to Office Management. When I moved back to Canada, I landed a dual recruitment-sales role with a recruitment agency and developed a love for the industry.

When I moved to my role in Energy Resourcing, I worked on the contracts team, and I moved into my marketing role when we launched this division. I have been here ever since and have loved how my career has come full circle.

At a castle in Scotland

What’s the best part of your job?

Getting to work with so many people across all functions in the business. Marketing touches every aspect and if there are ways I can help my teams I will.

What challenges have you had to overcome to get to where you are today?

The biggest was taking a chance and moving countries so many times while trusting that I made the right decision, and everything would be ok. It taught me that you can only plan so much before you have to take a leap, and that you need to have confidence in your abilities. You are more amazing than you think you are.

Any words of wisdom you live by?

A co-worker once reminded me to ask, “Where’s the value.” It is a phrase that has stayed with me and helps define if what I am working on has worth for the people I am doing it for. It works for my personal life too.

What keeps you at Energy Resourcing?

I really enjoy working with all our teams. We have created an amazing culture at Energy Resourcing where people genuinely care for each other – as well as our contractors and clients. That is really rare in the recruitment industry.

Don’t believe me? Our average employee has been with Energy Resourcing for 7 years, and the industry average is 8 months. We are definitely doing something right.

At a conference with my team

What do you like to do outside of work? 

Travel to new countries, eat delicious food, go to live music, and watch movies with friends

If you hadn’t got into your current career… what would you have become?

I always loved the idea of being a marine biologist. I love being in the water and would scuba dive every day if I could.

What was the last book you read

The Huntress by Kate Quinn

Film you watched?

At the theatre, Black Widow

With the big buddha in China

The last music you listened to?

Chill step mixed playlist for some vibey work beats

Working together to build a better, brighter future!

JC Cornell is an experienced marketing professional, with a demonstrated history in advertising, recruitment and sales often working to find solutions to the problems you don’t even know you have. JC plays a huge role driving our teams visions into a reality through the way we communicate as a business, a talented communications professional with the people skills, tenacity and attention to detail that make her instrumental to Energy Resourcing.

JC is the driving force being our recent global re-brand, realigning our business to better support our clients and candidates towards a cleaner and greener future! Her influence however, doesn’t stop there! JC plays a huge part in advocating for the supportive work culture that Energy Resourcing prides itself on, JC is proactive in her efforts to support co-workers where possible. Her role means she works with just about every employee that passed though Energy Resourcing at some point, and she’s always there to lend a helping hand, whether it be marketing support or just a lending ear to listen!

Working her way up from contracts and office support to the Global Marketing Manger, JC Cornell knows our business inside out. So if you’re interested in learning more about our work culture, if you’re a budding marketer or if you quite simply want to learn more about how Energy Resourcing can help you. Reach out today!

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