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Meet the team: Anu Kaur

Name: Anu Kaur

Title: Senior CMS Advisor

Region: Perth, Australia

Time with company: Since May 2018


What do you do at Energy Resourcing? 

I am currently working as a Senior Advisor for the contractor management team in Australia. I started in this role as an Advisor almost five years back, and the time has flown!  

My role includes managing the onboarding requirements, contractual changes, all client and contractor-related queries; and improving our processes to ensure we are providing an efficient and tailored service to our clients and contractors.  

I also work with the CSR team to plan and execute monthly activities. 

Are you working on any specific projects at the moment? 

My role is not always project specific; though currently we are heavily focussing on completing the implementation of ICIMS for the AU regions and auditing all data to ensure it’s accurate. 

How did you get into your current career? 

Initially, I began studying for a degree in Aviation because I had a certain inclination towards that field. Soon, I realised my interest in HR, so decided to complete my Aviation and HR course as a double major. 

After completing my bachelor’s, I did some volunteering work in HR. In 2017, I travelled to UK and worked in my first HR job as a Coordinator, which I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot from. A year later, I flew back to Australia and had an interview with Energy Resourcing. I’ve loved working here since!   

What’s the best part of your job? 

The team and culture we work in. They are extremely supportive, appreciative, and easy to work with. 

I have slowly but steadily learnt a lot working in this role, getting the opportunity to be involved in various areas of the business on an ongoing basis. 

Climbing new heights

What challenges have you had to overcome to get to where you are today? 

It took me a couple of years to find work in this field, due to a saturated job market at the time! There were many times when I had serious self-doubt, but I will always be thankful to my family, for helping me stay positive and to keep trying.  

I took the time out to volunteer in related roles in Australia while working other part-time jobs, took a chance and travelled to the UK. I applied for many jobs and was finally offered two great roles. That was such a happy moment and made it all worth it.  

Taking these risks and pushing through that time gave me the skills and confidence to overcome many hurdles since then. 

Any words of wisdom you live by? / Inspirational moments that shaped you? / Advice to young recruiters/HR/payroll?   

I feel from personal experience that we need to learn to be secure within ourselves. Appreciating our strengths helps us grow in the direction that is meant for us. It takes time but opens many doors in the future! 

Also, making time for our loved ones. It’s not easy, but I feel that balance and a safe space at home helps us through our professional journeys, too. 

What keeps you at Energy Resourcing?   

I enjoy the role itself, but also working with a team that takes time to listen to and support each other is hard to find.  

The team has supported me and offered a lot of flexibility during a couple of years while I was completing further studies, as I had to take time off often for assignments and studies. During this period, my family was also going through a stressful time.  

The team was always there to listen and offer help. The flexibility to work from home is also something I’ve really appreciated during this period. 

What do you like to do outside of work?   

I enjoy going to dance classes, baking, listening to podcasts and spending quality time with family and friends. These days I am loving Pilates, too! 

Anu and friends river rafting

If you hadn’t gotten into your current career… what would you have become?    

I would have continued in Aviation to become a pilot, hopefully a good one! However, if I had always been confident and listened to my instincts, I also wanted to learn and teach dance. I hope to do so as a hobby going forward.  

What was the last book you read? 

It’s been a few months since I’ve read any books, though I love crime thrillers and the last one I read was ‘Let Me Lie’ by Clare Mackintosh. 

Film you watched? 

I enjoy watching Indian films and recently watched DoctorG on Netflix. 

Music you listened to? 

All of Me by John Legend. 

Are you looking for a diligent, organised and empathetic HR Advisor? 

I am experienced in managing the onboarding-demobilisation requirements for the Australian contractor workforce in line with client expectations, including administration of contracts, management of HRM procedures, providing advice related to national employment standards and streamlining internal processes.  

I am responsible for improving our client/contractor relationships by making timely changes in line with feedback, as well as planning CSR activities for the Australian team.  

The effective management and prioritization of multiple cases are key to ensuring that KPIs are being met while maintaining a high standard of service. Being consistent, honest and having a kind attitude goes a long way in building trusting, professional relationships.  

Reach out to Anu Kaur today for advice and solutions related to your contractor management needs. 

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