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Transitioning into hydrogen jobs

Hydrogen power is becoming an increasingly important part of the global strategy to combat climate change and reach net-zero emissions. Growth in the sector is driven by technology advancements in green hydrogen, which provides a viable alternative for energy generation and storage with low carbon emissions compared to fossil fuels. 

By 2050 it’s estimated that 5-15% of the global energy demand will be met by hydrogen projects, driving a new wave of recruitment into the green energy sector. As we get closer to target dates for net-zero green energy industries will create a new energy workforce specialised in low-carbon solutions and green projects. 

These new opportunities don’t just end at the power generation phase, though. Low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen innovation will enable industries to develop new technology and decarbonise existing industries to meet low-carbon climate targets.  

For those looking to transition from a traditional oil and gas job into the renewables industry, hydrogen jobs offer the perfect opportunity to make that change. 

Hydrogen job opportunities 

The hydrogen industry will look to traditional energy sectors such as oil and gas to understand how best to apply knowledge and expertise that has driven growth in those sectors for decades.  

However, hydrogen companies will also need to build a workforce that is highly specialised and able to adapt quickly to breakthroughs in new technologies, innovation and techniques. 

For those looking to transition into the green energy sectors, hydrogen jobs offer a considerable opportunity for personal development as well as working in some of the most cutting-edge environments in the world. 

Key roles in the hydrogen sector 

Project management & planning 

Excellent management and planning skills are key to any successful project, whether inside the energy industry or not. Government investment in hydrogen power and storage is forcing the industry to look for competent, experienced project managers and planners to oversee this rapid development. 

Project planning and management are required across multiple hydrogen industries, including generation, transport and manufacturing processes. 

Key transferrable skills 

Companies will look for effective communication, risk management, technical expertise, scheduling and negotiation in these disciplines for any hydrogen jobs they hire for. 

Research, Development and Engineering 

Working in hydrogen will require a high level of technical expertise as the industry adapts and utilises the latest technologies. As a result, engineering roles covering multiple disciplines, such as chemical, process, environmental, electrical and technology, will be required across the sector in numerous hydrogen jobs. 

It’s not just engineers that will be in demand as the industry grows. Research scientist, environmental scientist and technician roles will also prove vital in the green jobs boom to keep up with demand for new projects. . These roles form the core of any successful hydrogen recruitment strategy and will help to drive innovation in the sector. 

Key transferrable engineering skills  

Hydrogen companies will be looking for creativity, innovation, attention to detail and technical knowledge of chemical, process, and structural engineering. 

Education & Marketing 

A large amount of information surrounding hydrogen jobs can be difficult to understand or access. Educating possible investors, local government and the public about the benefits of hydrogen projects and production is vital to the industry’s success.  

Public relationship managers and marketing and communication teams are required to manage public opinion and drive investment for new hydrogen projects. These roles will take the lead in informing and educating the next generation of workers about hydrogen jobs. 

Key transferrable skills 

Hydrogen companies will look for candidates with effective communication skills, creativity, technical knowledge, public speaking, marketing and PR experience to fill these hydrogen jobs. 

The next steps for hydrogen 

It’s not just hydrogen energy generation seeing large amounts of investment and growth. Hydrogen is also finding itself increasingly integrated with other industries driving further demand for green jobs. Transport and manufacturing are two key industries that are already beginning to understand and utilise the benefits of hydrogen power.  

Long-distance freight transportation is just one of the areas in which hydrogen jobs are already making an impact. The rapid recharging time and higher energy density make hydrogen a viable alternative to replace fossil fuels where battery technology might not be suitable.  

Hydrogen is already being integrated into transportation projects such as rail, aviation, and public transport. In some cities and regions, hydrogen power already provides a low-carbon solution to replace traditional combustion engines. 

Many heavy industries that would otherwise be phased out due to large amounts of fossil fuel consumption may also be given a new lease of life by using hydrogen power. A recent study in the Netherlands estimates green hydrogen could create up to 100,000 new hydrogen jobs a year by 2050, with about two-thirds of these being in heavy industry.  

Training, upskilling and reskilling for hydrogen jobs 

Training to further develop the skills required for working within the hydrogen industry is becoming easier to access as courses and training programmes become available worldwide. The Energy Delta Institute of the Netherlands has launched the first programme of its kind to become a hydrogen specialist 

The Renewable Institute in the UK also follows suit with a range of training courses aimed at workers in other energy or manufacturing sectors. These courses offer a wide range of hydrogen sector skills and expertise in-person or online, making them accessible to nearly everyone. 

Transitioning into renewables jobs in different sectors 

It’s not just hydrogen jobs that provide an opportunity to transition from a traditional oil and gas job into the renewables industry. You may also be interested in transitioning into carbon capture jobs or battery jobs.

Looking to transition into hydrogen jobs? 

Finding the perfect hydrogen job is about much more than searching on the internet. At Energy Resourcing, we’re proud to offer support and job advice to our candidates and connect them to the best hydrogen jobs in the industry. 

Why not look at our latest jobs and kick-start your transition into the green energy sector? 

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