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Hebron tow-out ceremony set for April 18

Hebron platform lit up at night

In August of 2016 we had small team of Contractors move from our Asia operations to our Canada operation in St. John’s Newfoundland. They moved over to carry-on the work they had started on the Exxonmobil Hebron platform in Ulsan, Korea. Since then they have been hard at work on getting all the pieces of the platform assembled for the launch date.

A tow departed Ulsan, Korea with the completed Utilities Process Module (UPM) on the heavy lift vessel, and took 69 days to arrive in Canada. The Canadian team had already been working on the Gravity Based Structure for a number of years. With the arrival of the UPM, and the Drilling Support Module, full assembly started in St. John’s at the deep water site.

ExxonMobil has confirmed there will be a tow-away ceremony for the gravity based structure on April 18 at the construction site in Bull Arm. The actual tow-out from Trinity Bay is set to begin at the end of April out to the Jeanne d’Arc Basin, 350 kilometers southeast of St. John’s. The project is on track to have first oil for year-end. Morale at site is very high, and excitement has been mounting for the next step.

The town of Sunnyside, St. John’s is close to the Hebron BullArm site and has greatly benefited from the massive project. About 3,700 jobs were created during the building of the platform.

Once the platform has reached its destination, our team will be starting offshore rotation until all processes are in place and first oil is flowing. First oil is set to flow by December 2017 latest.

It has been amazing to watch step-by-step as the platform has been built and we celebrate with our team on their excellent work they have done. We look forward to supporting the team through the rest of the project!

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