The 4th Industrial revolution has arrived and it’s changing recruitment as we know it. One of the ways these changes can be seen is the ongoing growth in the global contractor workforce. Pair this with a rising demand for highly skilled individuals and you can anticipate how the recruitment industry will continue to evolve.

Through digital advances, we have adapted to meet the recruitment needs our candidates have been asking for. We are pleased to introduce you to our new digital recruitment platform, ION4.0.

Invested in doing things differently though tech

ION4.0 was created to be a technology-driven platform to rejuvenate our recruitment and contractor management processes. ION4.0 enables us to streamline our operations, speed up your career growth and assure long term work sustainability for all of our contractors.

ION4.0 is changing traditional recruitment practices by putting control back in your hands.

How ION4.0 benefits you

ION4.0 provides you with enhanced recruitment experience, improved access to relevant opportunities, personal visibility into your profile, and is easy to use.

When you first login, you will be able to develop your unique profile to showcase your most up to date skills and capability. The process is streamlined, user friendly, and specifically built with our contractors in mind. Develop your unique profile.

As you develop and grow in your career, ION4.0 allows you update your current skills and capabilities. This allows you to make sure that your profile is always an accurate reflection of your expertise. That way, we can reach out to you whenever an exciting new opportunity arises that matches your current relevant skills. Verify your skills.

When you update your profile ION4.0 will connect you with the right opportunities using advanced industry-specific classification and matching logic. This enables us to match you with any suitable opportunities before your current contract is finished. Get matched with relevant opportunities.

ION 4.0 works the best when all your details are up to date – including your contact information.  When you login, review your contact details and ensure they are correct. We always want to be able to get in contact with you about your ideal role. Review your contact details.

Get assistance from an expert and up your recruiting game

You don’t have to navigate your job hunt on your own; Energy Resourcing has the expertise and software you need. Our team loves helping candidates and contractors find roles that are a good fit for their careers Let’s work together to make sure that all your needs are met in your next position, and your career is the success you want it to be.

Energy Resourcing runs on ION4.0 !

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