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Canada: Pockets of Hope

This year continues to bring a series of challenges, especially in the Alberta marketplace. We, as talent management specialists, have felt the aftermath of the economic downturn. Former colleagues, friends and candidates near and far, have reached out to us to share their stories. Yet despite the challenges, we have also seen pockets of activity across Canada in a variety of sectors.

There has been positive activity in British Colombia, Ontario and Quebec. Industries such as hydro, utilities, chemicals and agriculture continue to flourish; even some mid-stream oil and gas companies have experienced growth and success! Forestry has had its fourth consecutive year of increases, the largest increase was seen in pulp and paper, which is now the largest of the three primary forest products in Alberta.

Energy Resourcing is adapting to the changing market. By diversifying, we can help more Energy professionals secure work, both nationally and internationally; something we all enjoy at here. As an agency with national and international reach, we look forward to the opportunity of connecting talented candidates with our Clients to help people get back into work.

We want to be a resource not just for our recruitment services; we’re also happy to be a sounding board for ideas and suggestions. This is the time that people need to connect with one another, this is when great ideas are born, and opportunities will open up. We are seeing amazing entrepreneurs starting up new business ventures in the market place creating new jobs for people.

Now more than ever we are seeing people go into business for themselves. We oversee the contracts management for over one hundred independent Contractors across Canada and we have partnered with them through the process of incorporating. We are often called upon to provide guidance and direction as to the resources they should use when making the transition from an employee to a contractor.

So what makes us different from all the other agencies out there? The feedback we receive from Clients and candidates tells us that they like our personal and hands on approach to customer service.

In the midst of the uncertainty, Canadians are adapting to the changes in the market and reinventing themselves to remain marketable and employable. We remain optimistic about what the future holds and we are passionate about helping candidates and Clients thrive.

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