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Artificial Intelligence and HR: The way we do business is changing


You may have heard that we are currently on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution – a time where the barriers between physical, digital, and biological sectors will be eliminated by Artificial Intelligence. And though a lot of us may be experiencing some Boston Dynamics level creep factor, it’s something that we are going to have to face and adapt to.

You may be thinking that Artificial Intelligence will be a technology focused issue – something that HR and recruiters won’t have to worry about. However, they will actually need to be as close to this cutting edge as possible.

HR will be instrumental in this evolution. Because though it is based in Artificial Intelligence technology, it is humanity focused


One of the first things to recognise is the need for your workforce to continue to learn and evolve at a very fast pace. No longer will skillsets be valued for 10+ years, going forward they will have an approximate lifespan of 2.5 – 4.5 years.

So, how do you improve your workforces flexible learning? By companies implementing essential training programs. These supporting strategies will need to be initiated by HR and then supported by the technical SME’s.

And these strategies can not grow stagnant; it is up to HR to ensure that flexible learning continuously evolves.

Change management

HR and Recruitment can support this transition to flexible learning by managing and supporting the change in a strategic fashion.

Change management, the practice of applying a structured approach to transition an organisation from a current state to a future state to achieve expected results, will be essential. As HR, we need to ensure that taking an organisation without Artificial Intelligence to one where it is well-integrated, is well planned on a multitude of levels.


Contract Workforce

Another way the technological revolution is going to change things is by furthering the need for contract workers. The constant demand for quick turnaround, flexible scheduled, project-based work, will increase the necessity for an adaptable contingent workforce exponentially.

It will be important to understand the different legislative ramifications of a contract payroll-based workforce, as well as manage the line of site on both a direct and contingent workforce. HR will be an essential part of these changes.

Remote workers

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, you may find that your workforce will be far more diverse. Having colleagues stretching across the globe will become common. With communication technology getting better everyday, working with colleagues and clients on different continents will not be an issue.

In this situation, it will be important for HR to take a leadership role in ensuring culturally and ethically sound communication strategies. Educating employees and contractors on how to communicate and exchange ideas while remaining respectful will become imperative.



Recruitment will also be transformed by the implementation of Artificial Intelligence influenced software. It will assist talent acquisition specialists in finding top candidates quickly via systems that automate pre-screens and video assessments.

Algorithms that rank candidates in the background of an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) will assist in shortlisting candidates. All while ensuring that the talent acquisition team or recruiters can reach out to the right people quickly.

Truly, Artificial Intelligence will benefit both parties involved in the recruitment process. It will allow candidates to perform screens and assessments from the comfort of their own home. This will make sure candidates always know where they are in the process and what steps they need to take next.


The way we do business is changing. We are seeing a real change in the lifespan of companies. Those that are unable to adapt quickly to the needs of the technologically savvy customer are failing.

Products are changing every two years, and learned skills also have a shortened life expectancy. We need to work at diversifying our offerings, respond to market changes very quickly, and move away from being subject matter experts in only one thing.

Overall, we must understand how to benefit from a digital world. HR will need to be one of the first at the table for corporations to accomplish this efficiently.


Looking for help managing the Artificial Intelligence landscape of recruitment?

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